Mary Macdonald, Founder & Financial PLANNER

There’s nothing like the relief you feel when you finally see your hard work pay off.

And no matter what the bank advertising tells you, improving your finances is always hard work. Budgets aren’t fun, saving isn’t easy, and investments can feel intimidating. And it’s that much harder when the big corporate financial planners tend to treat you more like a template than a person.

I’ve spent nearly 30 years in the financial industry – working for majors like Merrill Lynch, First Citizens, and TD Bank. In that time, I’ve managed the portfolios and financial futures of everyone from multi-millionaires to couples sending their kids off to college.

And here’s what I’ve learned along the way.

  • Your goals, your possibilities, your finances – they’re as personal as you yourself are.
  • There is no cookie cutter strategy or product that will deliver what you want.
  • And it takes conversation and commitment, and a financial planner who sees you as more than just numbers.

I founded Personal Path Financial Planning in 2017 to deliver the client-focused experience that isn’t possible with the big guys. I believe you deserve an independent, unbiased opinion and a partner who will craft a plan that really does work for you. You deserve a planning firm who will take the time to show you how to budget, teach you how to become a world-class saver, and help you navigate a world that’s often complex and imposing.

And that’s exactly what we do at Personal Path – because your goals are important, they’re specific to you, and we know you’ll have to put a lot into making them happen.

We’re about making those goals more possible because there’s nothing like the relief on your face. There’s nothing like meeting a goal you’d never thought was possible. And that’s why there’s nothing that makes me happier than this work with you.

Here’s to making more possibility happen together.

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My personal path to the work I do...

  • Caught the entrepreneur bug with opening my very first lemonade stand
  • Became a saver the first piece of stock I ever owned in “Levi Strauss” – a gift from my grandmother
  • Family business, helping my dad’s accounting practice through middle school and high school
  • College, Finance major at Virginia Tech
  • MBA from UNC at Chapel Hill, Kenan-Flagler Business School
  • Nearly three decades spanning Merrill Lynch, Oak Value Capital Management (a large cap investment firm), First Citizens Bank, and TD Bank
  • Running Personal Path Financial Planning as an independent, fee-only firm and member of the Garrett Planning Network
  • Proud to be a fiduciary for my clients (someone in a position of trust and confidence that must place the interests of those he or she serves ahead of their own)


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